Monday, October 12, 2015

This Week With The Cowry Consortium!

Alternative Economics, Timebanking and Sovereignty in the Black Community

Chinyere E. Oteh, The Cowry Collective
YaVette Holts, Cowrie Village

What does an empowered Black economy look like?  What are the unique characteristics that define a thriving, culture-based economy?  How do we get there?

In this workshop, YaVette Holts, founder of  Cowrie Village, a Bay Area engine for Black-business-focused alternative economics  and Chinyere E. Oteh, founder of  The Cowry Collective, a St. Louis based timebank , will share on the history of collective, collaborative and mutual aid societies in African American culture  and about the history of timebanking in the United States, its ties to earlier currency throughout the world and it’s every day applications to improving quality of contemporary life, particularly for communities of color.   
Learn about the works going on inside  Cowrie Village and The Cowry Collective
 separately and jointly and how YOU can get involved in (re)building  a strong, gainful, and sustainable empowered Black economy.

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