Friday, October 17, 2014

Timebanking WARMS the HOME

Dutchtown South Community Corporation and The Cowry Collective are working together to bring timebanking to the Dutchtown neighborhood.  Join us at this great FREE event featuring Cowry members sharing DIY weatherization tips.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gratitude Abounds

Get2Gether Grant from Center for New American Dream Update: We reached our matching grant goal during our ioby campaign and received $4,378 to continue and strengthen our programming this fall and into spring of 2015!  THANK YOU to friends, family, and supporters who donated, spread the word via phonebanking, or lent an open ear of support as I shared my hopes and dreams while embarking on the campaign.   We can't wait to see you at our unique and social sharing economy events!  Stay posted...

How Solidarity Economy St. Louis Prevents Another Mike Brown Tragedy

Cowry member Julia Ho talks to Mira Luna from Shareable about SE St. Louis:
Why did MORE shift into solidarity economy organizing from more traditional political organizing?
In St. Louis, a major symptom of racial oppression is the criminalization of poverty, which leads to further economic insecurity and segregation. For example, cities depend heavily on traffic fine revenue to sustain themselves, which creates an unfair burden on the working poor and those affected by racial profiling because unpaid fines often lead to bench warrants and jail time. Currently, we are working on an initiative to get traffic fines paid through community service projects that are managed through our local timebank, the Cowry Collective, while also putting pressure on the municipal courts to stop issuing these warrants in the first place. 

Timebanking is a Beautiful Solution!

 We are honored to be featured in the gallery in Beautiful Solutions / This Changes Everything - click to check out The Cowry Collective and so many other wonderful projects across the globe.  Many reflections are offered here on being the change you wish to see in the world.  The Beautiful Trouble collective is excited to announce a new partnership to develop an online “solutions gallery” with This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, the forthcoming book by Naomi Klein and documentary by Avi Lewis. The Beautiful Solutions gallery will launch as part of the This Changes Everything website in September, and will highlight the solutions, tactics, values, and theoretical concepts needed to build new institutions grounded in justice and sustainability.