Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Save the Date! July 27th A Cowry Summer Social

Meet us in Tower Grove Park at the Humboldt North Pavilion on Sunday, July 27th 3-6pm for fun and food.  This purely social event is to celebrate our members and our growth as a collective.  Come and catch up with members or meet others and talk about your next exchange!  Spread the word / invite a friend!  Drinks and utensils/dishes will be provided.  Please bring a dish to share (cowries will be awarded) and any outdoor games you'd like to share with the group.  

Join Us At Our Meetup In July!

On Sunday July 13th, we head back to the home of Yeyo Arts in their new South City location for our monthly meet-up.  Join us from 2-4 pm for Timebanking 101, a potluck and learn how to use our Time and Talents software from hOurworld to set up your community exchanges. Yeyo Arts is an organizational member of The Cowry Collective.  Learn what they have to offer and what needs they have to fill. Bring a friend or a dish to share and earn your first Cowries!

The Convergence June 12-14th was Phenomenal!

The Cowry Collective was honored to present our method of community organizing through our Timebanking 101 Workshop at The Convergence - the first conference of its kind organized by Yeyo Arts Collective.  The Convergence looked at three areas: 
Self Care, Community Work, and Collective Action, as catalysts for economic and cultural achievementThe weekend was rich with opportunities for catching up with one of my favorite people and fellow presenter, Chicago-based archivist Skyla Hearn, mentorship by wise elders such as author and spiritualist Luisah Teish and enjoying the great communion of forward-thinking women in St. Louis. Kudos to Yeyo Arts Collective founder, Dail Chambers for committing to her vision and then sharing the fruits of her labor with the St. Louis ARTivist community.  During our workshop we gained the interest of Urban Bush Woman Maria Bauman, a choreographer and dancer based in NYC who would like to do some out-of-state intertrading.  Let the connections continue to unfold and weave us more tightly together!

Meet us on Meet-up!

We joined Meet-up.com earlier this month to complement our current tools of social media outreach.  Find us on MeetUp to meet others who are into local economy and sustainability and get updates on our happenings!  

June Meetup At Hyde Park Art House

Following our second Sunday of the month pattern, we held our June Cowry meet-up at the Hyde Park Art House of Rebuild Foundation on June 8th.  The house served as perfect space to do The Net Works! game outdoors with Derek by a brightly painted orange tree and as we moved inside for Timebanking 101 with Chinyere, the children present were entertained and watched by easy-going Cowry member Harry who has travelled to northern Missouri to stay at the Possibility Alliance for several months and was in town for the weekend.  We nibbled on freshly picked mulberries, homemade soup and chips and salsa while we learned more about using software from hOurworld to set-up community exchanges.  Vanity, our gracious host and Program Manager at the Art House, gave us a brief talk and tour and so concluded our meet-up.  Thank you for sharing part of your summer Sunday with us!