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To join The Cowry Collective, we ask that you:

  1.  Attend an orientation with a current member or coordinator.  Don't worry, it will be quick and easy and you will be on your way to making exchanges in no time!  Orientations are held monthly on the second Sunday, 2-4pm.  Weekday appointments are also available. For more information contact or check our FB page for updates.
  2. Start using the hOurworld software by clicking on the Join! link above and filling out a new member    form.
  3. Fill out your profile, by clicking on the Member Login link above.  Follow your 'My To Do List' to add all of your requests and offers. 
  4. Bookmark this page for easy future logins!  There is now a mobile app for  Android and iOS (iPhones)!
  5. Start exchanging.  Save money.  Share your talents.  Honor abundance
  6. Pay your annual member donation: $25 for individuals, $50 for businesses and organizations
  7. Share your exchange stories with us so we can count up all the good ways that our collective is strengthening St. Louis.  We will be providing interactive ways to share our abundance with others in St. Louis and beyond!

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