Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Build-A-Bed Skillshare This Saturday! 5/30

Join us this Saturday as we continue our Farm and Garden Skillshares!

Come and learn a new skill + find out how you can trade time for food 
with Ann at The Veggie Patch!

Build a Raised Wicking Bed Skillshare
@ The Veggie Patch
1515 Benton (at N. Florissant) St. Louis MO 63106

Saturday, May 30 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Cowry Collective member Emanuel Taranu will lead a class 
on how to build a raised wicking bed! 

Raised wicking beds are perfect for gardeners who can't be 
on-hand to water every day.  Using capillary action, water 
is pulled from a reservoir underneath the soil up to the roots 
of the plants.  Beds can go weeks without watering.

Wicking beds can be built many different ways - we will build 
ours with lumber, pond liner, and good old St Louis brick shards

FREE and Family Friendly!