Monday, August 19, 2013

We have a chance to win $500+ from SLOUP Crowdfunding!

The Cowry Collective was selected to present at the Delmar Divide SLOUP this past Sunday 8/18 at MHM at 3 pm.  Presentations from 7 finalists were heard by an audience of about 50.  Attendees paid $10 and had the chance to vote for the project that best addressed the racial and social divide and inequities highlighted in the BBC news clip and resulting documentary that surfaced last year.  The doc was shown and while we all know about the huge disparities in race and class in St. Louis, with the statistics and visuals it was quite depressing to see the stark difference in appearance of the neighborhoods that lie just north and south of Delmar in the Central West End. However, out of those disparities I see so much potential for timebanking to equalize the playing field for residents in St. Louis who have great human capital they can invest in their neighborhoods.  

The winner of this SLOUP will be announced this Wednesday, so stay tuned!

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