Friday, August 30, 2013

FREE software is one GIANT step toward mobility for our collective!

While I normally don't swoon over tech-related things I am very excited that we have found free software to track our member timebank exchanges offered through hOurworld.  This means we can allocate our collective $money$$ in the bank to other needs AND sign people up more quickly, easily and efficiently! The next month will be dedicated to learning the software and assisting all current members with setting up their profiles with offers and requests.

I spoke briefly with a member of hOurworld, which is also a collective, this week and found out another bit of info that was exciting too - that St. Louis is where timebanking originated!  I knew that Grace Hill had run the M.O.R.E (Member Organized Resourc Exchange) for decades and that it's activity has waxed and waned, but I always thought that Maine was the birthplace of timebanking.  This is really important to me as my desire to have St. Louis be a frontrunner in the timebanking scene grows and I now realize we are simply returning to our roots, again, by honoring the start of a model alternative economics program right here in the midwest.

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