Monday, August 25, 2014

Get2gether To Bring Resources to St. Louis!

The dream expands and we are elated to have been 1 of 10 chosen finalists by The Center For A New American Dream Get2gether grant! We aim to raise $4000 by September 15th and here's what we will do with the monies raised:

In 2014-15 The Cowry Collective Timebank seeks to expand its offerings to the community in the form of four areas: 1) Timebanking 100 Series, 2) skillshares, 3) film nights connected to our lending library and 4) urban farming workshops. The expanded offerings we propose are all geared toward growing individual and organizational membership, thus increasing our collective non-monetary ‘buying’ power. We will be working with Yeyo Arts Collective and New Abundance Farm and are open to other collaborations!

The Cowry Collective Timebank is needed in our community as a tool for addressing economic inequalities that exist across racial lines and for bridging racial divides through community building that happens one hour at a time, between individuals.

Will YOU pledge a donation that will be matched, today? Spread LOVE in the LOU!

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