Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Convergence June 12-14th was Phenomenal!

The Cowry Collective was honored to present our method of community organizing through our Timebanking 101 Workshop at The Convergence - the first conference of its kind organized by Yeyo Arts Collective.  The Convergence looked at three areas: 
Self Care, Community Work, and Collective Action, as catalysts for economic and cultural achievementThe weekend was rich with opportunities for catching up with one of my favorite people and fellow presenter, Chicago-based archivist Skyla Hearn, mentorship by wise elders such as author and spiritualist Luisah Teish and enjoying the great communion of forward-thinking women in St. Louis. Kudos to Yeyo Arts Collective founder, Dail Chambers for committing to her vision and then sharing the fruits of her labor with the St. Louis ARTivist community.  During our workshop we gained the interest of Urban Bush Woman Maria Bauman, a choreographer and dancer based in NYC who would like to do some out-of-state intertrading.  Let the connections continue to unfold and weave us more tightly together!

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