Friday, February 21, 2014

Questioning Consumerism Is Newsworthy!

When I was contacted in December by Rosalind Early of St. Louis Magazine to do a story on the collective I was happy for the exposure we would gain and also tickled by serendipity playfully dancing into my life again.  I patiently waited for two months for the article to surface and this week it has!

The Cowry Collective is featured in the March edition of St. Louis Magazine.  We are so excited to have our timebank highlighted and to gain exposure in St. Louis which is the home of timebanking.  I look forward to meeting Renee Marver who was involved in the organization of the M.O.R.E network at Grace Hill Settlement House to gain insight into the rich history of timebanking in our fair town and properly situate our work within this context. There is no other way to effectively and justly do community work than learning what people and groups have contributed before you as you aim to continue a legacy.  Here's to honoring the past and collaborating in a RICH money-free St. Louis!

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